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Over 70 horsemen and women, veterinary surgeons, equine chiropracters, equine dentists, horse owners, trainers and clinicians were consulted and interviewed to bring you 'Listening to the Horse'.
And whether you watch online for free during it's screening, or buy the movie and enjoy it today, these experts will give you their personal insights and successful tools to help you build a great relationship with your horse. 

Episode 1 - Monday Nov 12

Thursday Nov 12 - Influencing the horse's mind, the try and the release, fixing problems and not pulling on your horse, working with wild horses and young horses. 

Episode 2 - Tuesday Nov 13

Friday Nov 13 - Groundwork exercises, liberty work, horsebox loading, and examine our relationships with the horse

Episode 3 - Wednesday Nov 14

Saturday Nov 14 - Riding, understanding footfall and the important of collection for your horse's health, riding, competition preparation and gadgets.

Episode 4 - Thursday Nov 15

Sunday Nov 15 - Your horse's health, possible causes of behavioral issues, lameness, colic, worming, feet health and ulcers.  

Episode 5 - Friday Nov 16

Monday Nov 16 - Bodywork and healing, the importance of relaxation, saddle fit, bit design, hackmores and animal communication

Episode 6 - Saturday Nov 17

Tuesday Nov 17 - The rider's mind, common confidence and fear issues and solutioms, your riding position and the rider's health and fitness.

Episode 7 - Sunday Nov 18

Wednesday Nov 18 - Movement and company, friendship, stabling, mental health, introducing new horses to the herd, environmental issues and feeding
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MAY 27: Episode 1:  HORSEMANSHIP
Learn the importance of working slowly, why horsemanship is important, timing & release, recognizing the try, avoiding pulling, groundwork, young horses & wild horses.
MAY 31: Episode 5:  BODYWORK
Learn about bodywork, the Bladder Meridian Technique, animal communication, how horses can heal us, saddle fit, bits, tongue relief & the Californian hackamore.
MAY 28: Episode 2:  GROUNDWORK
Learn why groundwork is so valuable for any horse, 'true lightness', basic groundwork skills you can practise, common problems, trailer loading, habits and the relationship. 
JUNE 1: Episode 6: THE RIDER
Learn about why riding should be fun, being careful words you use, the impact of our emotions, being present, mindset, health and fitness,  balance and posture.
MAY 29: Episode 3:  RIDING
Learn the importance of small signals when riding, finding 'go', breathing, footfall, your horse's health, collection, the California Vaquero and common problems to avoid.  
Learn about why horses need forage, friends and freedom, stabling, halters, sycamore poisoning, feeding, body condition, and slow feeders.
MAY 30: Episode 4:  HEALTH
Learn about lameness, unwanted horse behavior, worm counts, equine dentistry, natural posture Vs. trained habits, kissing spines, mental health, feet and symmetry.
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The more we educate ourselves about what are horses really need and value in life, the more we help our horses. Please help us spread the word by sharing Listening to the Horse, and help people understand horses better and build a compassionate and lasting relationship with their best friend.
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